Chichi dating goku

30-Jan-2016 19:38

Chi-Chi has appeared in all three live action movie adaptions of the Dragon Ball series.

She appeared in the 1990 Korean Dragon Ball film with a similar appearance to her initial debut in the series wearing her helmet.

Make sure to look forward into the future and not cling to the past.

I thought there was a leak in the roof so I looked up and realisedit wasn't rain or anything else, it was me, I was crying.

In Super Dragon Ball Z, she is armed with the Bansho Fan, the Power Pole, and flies on the Flying Nimbus.

In the game, she wears the gi she wore in the 23rd World Tournament, and she has the bikini-style armor from her childhood years as an unlockable alternate costume.

Also it might be filler but Goku and Chi Chi kiss at Kame house after Goku gets better from the virus and goes to Vegeta to tell him about the HBTC.

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Just don't give up on life, let it guide you as it is the only thing stronger yourself.

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It feels like Chi-Chi forced herself on Goku (Probably how their sons came to be).

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He never really seemed interested in her, even after they were married (and Goku didn't even know what he was getting into anyways). Not once have I ever seen Goku be affectionate to Chi-Chi.

But what made me wonder was how that note got there. I never realised I was still crying while daydreaming. We jumped onto nimbus and started going over the pointed mountains.