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30-Jan-2016 16:17

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Everyone's hoping this romance goes the distance," an insider reportedly told the magazine.

Both the Spinning Around hitmaker and the Duke of York have been unlucky in love over the years, with Kylie allegedly breaking off her romance with actor Joshua after he grew close to a female co-star.

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It's alleged that the two have been "inseparable" since the split and have spent numerous nights together in the past two weeks.That’s 573 times the couple used the written word to declare their admiration … Do you pick yourself up after yet another promising start ends up with yet another unasked for d*ck pic?T-Swift is known for a lot of things: writing deeply personal songs about her love life, having a...

It seems like only yesterday Kylie Jenner joined Snapchat, and kickstarted the filter obsession for the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Tune in for the discussion as perspectives on the priesthood and temple ban are shared by faithful members who were affected by the restriction.