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14-May-2016 12:36

The separate approach is slightly less risky in case of updates (e.g.

if you want to change the INSERT trigger you can't accidentally break the UPDATE one if they're separate), but otherwise - much of a muchness.

CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER emp_after_update AFTER UPDATE OF empid ON emp FOR EACH ROW DECLARE BEGIN update emp_backup set empid = :new.empid where empid = :old.empid; DBMS_OUTPUT.

PUT_LINE('empid successfully updated into emp_backup table'); END; The above trigger named ’emp_after_update’ will be initiated whenever ’empid’ column in ’emp’ table gets updated.

PUT_LINE('Record successfully inserted into emp_backup table'); END; Second Problem: We want o update a record in the ’emp_backup’ table if a corresponding record is updated in the ’emp’ table.

As we’ve already created both the tables in above example, we will directly write a trigger for ‘AFTER UPDATE’.

Yes - You are correct the OPENROWSET command can directly support INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations as shown in these tips: Export data from SQL Server to Excel and Different Options for Importing Data into SQL Server.

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The actions that I need to do on my -- Scenario 1 CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER my_trg BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE ON my_table FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF UPDATING THEN IF : NEW.my_col IS NULL THEN raise_application_error(...); END IF; IF : NEW.my_col2 IS NULL THEN : NEW.my_col2 := (...); END IF; END IF; IF INSERTING THEN IF : NEW.my_col3 IS NULL THEN SELECT my_seq.

For example, a table and a trigger can have the same name (however, to avoid confusion, this is not recommended).

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