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I liked him, loved him, cared about him, but I was not going to be humiliated and not treated with dignity and respect.So I made sure I did plenty of cavorting myself because that means the playing field was levelled.” Bowie initially proclaimed he was gay and then later amended it to being bisexual but perhaps he put it best in a 1997 BBC radio interview: "I was hitting on everybody.I had a wonderfully, irresponsible promiscuous time And in a 1983 interview with Rolling Stone, Bowie backed away from his public declaration of bisexuality, calling it "the biggest mistake I ever made" and insisting, "I was always a closet hetrosexual." DAVID BOWIE'S FINAL ALBUM 'BLACKSTAR' IS 'PARTING GIFT' DAVID BOWIE DEAD 69: FANS MOURN MUSIC LEGEND There has always been speculation that Bowie and Mick Jagger were lovers — a rumor that Angie Bowie asserted — but has never been confirmed.Confirmed conquests include Playboy model and Liv Tyler's mom Bebe Buell; Charlie Chaplin's widow Oona, who was 22 years his senior; transsexual Romy Haag; and Susan Sarandon. My apologies but my friend has gone and I'm devastated." Bowie was also said to have been involved with Marianne Faithful, who also was a lover of Jagger's. David Jones is a man I met." Iman described her husband as a "homebody" who enjoys his own company.The turnout for the constituency was 69.93% up from the 64.99% turnout of 2015.Mr Jones, who was more than 3,000 votes up on his 2015 result said: “It's been a robust but fair fight against my old sparring partner Gareth Thomas.David Bowie didn’t only toy with gender in his music — his sex life was the definition of modern love.Girls, boys, girls and boys — the legend born David Jones tried it all during the 1970s, his most prolific period in the studio and the bedroom.

Mud nests contain pollen, spores and phytoliths from which information about local palaeovegetation can be gleaned.Both were wildly promiscuous and enjoyed affairs with both sexes. Biographer Wendy Leigh wrote that Bowie and Angie met because they were sleeping with the same man."I was a little suspect of him," Angie once told an interviewer. When we got married, it soon became apparent that it had to be an open marriage if it was going to work for him.Here we report a new application of optical dating.

Optical dating of quartz sand (including the analysis of individual grains) embedded in the mud of fossilized nests shows that some anthropomorphic paintings are more than 17,000 years old.The actor thanked his fans for their support on Twitter, writing "Just wanted to say thanks to all my fans out there for your continued support throughout the years.